This is a live and uncut period of play. The moving rotor will be seen jumping but these are not film cuts and we keep all original tapes on file. For improved quality you may wish to view the small screen or view the clip a second time.

In this clip the dealer’s challenge is to throw 10 winners in a row of a chosen half wheel section. To enhance viewing the wheel has been changed into two sections, a red half and a black half. To view these results, simply scroll here for one spin at a time.


First spin
…bet is black half. winner


Second spin…bet is black half. winner


Third spin…bet is Red half. Winner


Fourth spin…bet is Red half. Winner


Fifth spin…bet is Red half. Winner

Sixth spin…bet is black half. Winner


Seventh spin…bet is black half. Winner


Eighth spin…bet is black half. Winner


Ninth spin…bet is red half. Winner


Tenth is red half. Lose by one number pocket Aargh!

Eleventh is red half. winner winner winner.

In the end 11 spins were required to throw 10 near even chance winners. The one that missed was by only one number. In the full length 100 spin video the dealer throws an amazing 78 out of 100 correct sections. These are astronomical odds and will be a great concern for roulette players. The simple answer is to beat them at their own game and remember, you must always bet after the dealer has thrown the ball ! This will also enable the best players to evaluate the wheel speed and clock the ball before placing any bets.