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Product Policy

Our roulette predicting systems have been tried and tested over a long period of time with astonishing results, which enables us to advise you in any way possible prior to purchase. We can also offer a live demonstration with free training for new customers.

We guarantee that all our products are as described and offer an immediate replacement on any product that arrives damaged in any way, providing we are notified by email straight away and the product is returned and recieved by ‘signed for’ post. This is the customers responsibility.

Customers should allow up to 21 days for delivery, although we try to dispatch as fast as possible.

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We will treat all customers and visitors to the site with respect at all times. You are assured of complete confidentiality when contacting us or making a purchase. We will not send unsolicited mail or share your details with any individual or other business at any time.

Some of the most successful roulette players are those who play, or who have played, ball sports or video games because they often have an advanced level of hand-to-eye co-ordination. However this is not to disregard the others who also found their lives changed after getting Pred 7.
The roulette system itself has been designed for simplicity and it is very easy to learn the basics within a few days.

Roulette Computer For Professionals

Genuine Testimonials by Real Customers.

Hi John

How you doing? I hope everything is well with you.

Its been quite a while since the last time we spoke, well that's because I've been quite busy, busy ..Cashing in 'chips' :) ..., Yeah its been very good so far, honestly John I've really got to hand it to you cos I was slightly apprehensive at first about being your first customer so I was pleasantly surprised to win over 50k in my first year using your 'Pred 7'.... Its by far the best product on the market, so I'm really glad I made the right decision to buy i……..,

Cheers! Best regards,

Mark L.

This next comment was posted on a roulette forum:

Having seen a personal demonstration on both the visual and the computer system i was convinced that the Jafco system was a well thought out and not overly complicated system. On my first night I won £4500 with a float of £100. Now that was more than just luck. It is not always as simple as that but there is more Jafco's system than ballistics, and he gives very good instruction on all aspects of play.

I can throughly recommend it and he is a genuine gentleman and enthustiastic about teaching his system and wants you to win. Good luck.

This customer sent in this testimonial.

Jafco's customer service is perfect. John goes out of his way to show:

-how you can gain an advantage

-why you have an advantage

-when you have an advantage.

He is a true enthusiast of the game. He is not just doing this on the side to make extra money.... he lives this, he talks the talk and walks the walk.
He is also prepared to walk you through any area of the game that may come across challenging without making the customer feel small or inferior (no pun intended).

I started out with the visual system (the vibe) and progressed to pred and I would recommend anyone considering pred to also get the vibe first so that they understand the principles. However, its not essential to get the vibe aswell as pred but what I found is that the vibe and pred go hand in hand and I can choose to play either visually or with the pred giving me options and comfort.

Sincerely yours

Pred7 The Complete Roulette Computer

Times Newspaper Story 5th. December 2004 // This clarifies UK law

(Click to enlarge)

Time Article

Pred 7 does not involve the use of lasers or special telephones but the article is of interest in that it clearly shows how these players were acting within the uk law because they were not affecting the ball, the wheel or indeed, the final outcome of the spin.

We are constantly surprised at how the trade considers electronic products unfair, because in reality the true unfairness might come from the wheel itself. Without our product you could be entering a dragons den where the odds are even more stacked against you than you might imagine. Just give us a ball and wheel and we will throw any number section you like or more to the point, maybe a number section you don’t like!! We simply want to correct this imbalance where up until now the croupier has had all the control. If this is hard to believe why not just look at these two videos and be prepared to be surprised and probably very shocked!!

Pred 7 offers the oppurtunity for the serious roulette player to achieve the highest possible winning roulette margins. However, if you are looking for a lower cost, practical roulette winning system which involves the use of a vibration rhythm, combined with a visual method of tracking the ball, then you may wish to visit our other site at :



Jafco roulette System

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